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GRAMMER AG optimizes 3D-based analysis at lower hardware and training costs.

As a partner in the automotive industry, GRAMMER AG specializes in the innovative development and manufacture of driver and passenger seats as well as components and systems for passenger car interior equipment. In the Seating Systems segment, the lines of business include truck and off-road seats as well as railway and bus seats. The Automotive segment supplies headrests, armrests, center consoles and integrated child seats to well-known car manufacturers in the premium sector and to system suppliers in the vehicle industry.


  • Design and development of products at several locations worldwide using several CAD systems (eg Catia, Unigraphics)
  • Large number of product interfaces to other vehicle parts
  • Interfaces must be intensively coordinated with customers or other suppliers
  • Analysis of the 3D data by engineers as a basis for development decisions without cost and training-intensive use of 3D CAD software
  • Subsequent processes from tool procurement to assembly require access to CAD data, but employees do not have CAD know-how


  • Worldwide use of 3D data in AutoVue facilitates communication and analysis processes. Problems with product interfaces are detected and corrected at an early stage
  • Extensive analysis functions (cuts, fading-out of parts, exploded views) are used to ensure reliable development decisions
  • Integrated use of AutoVue within web conferencing in real-time simplifies communication with customers and suppliers. Deployment in any workplace is possible
  • CAD data can be displayed in numerous formats (Catia, UG, Iges, DXF, etc.) from AutoVue simply by pressing a button, so that different processes in the company can benefit
  • Hardware costs for engineers are 2/3 lower because standard laptops are used instead of CAD workplaces.
  • Training expenditure approximately 10% compared to CAD training and CAD skills are not required
  • Savings of up to 15% on software licenses are expected with Auto Vue

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Amberg, Deutschland

Automobile Industry

1,007 Million Euro (2008)

Approximately 8.000 (As of April 2009)

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